Mr Green Casino No Bonus Code Welcome Offer

As there are plenty of fish in the sea, so there are many online casinos that offer their services in the gambling industry. If you follow the metaphor, then it is safe to claim that Mr Green Casino is one of the biggest sharks on the market. The truth is that the given casino has gained its reputation over the years of its existence, and now the name is usually brought up when we talk about the best available online casinos in the world.

Some of you may say that the word that is spread about the casino is a tiny proof when it comes to the reliability of the particular online casino. That is why we took the liberty to go as far as to review it to the smallest details. We decided to bring up all the positive as well as negative if any, side of this particular casino, so that if you choose to give it a try – you know what to expect.

Casino policy

MrGreen Casino is held by the company that shares the same name – Mr Green Ltd Casino company. While some companies run a bunch of casinos at the same time, this one owns and run the only casino staring from 2009. If you think about it for a while, ten years in the industry means a lot. Such a long term ensures that not only the casino is safe, but also players choose the particular casino among thousands of others.

If you think that we are going to stop by stating that the casino has been in the game for ten years and that is enough to win your trust – we are not. The fact is that the given casino has won a bunch of awards over the years of existence and that surely means that in many aspects it is definitely better than other available alternatives.

However, what interests us in the first place and what proves casino’s reliability is the license it holds. There are numerous gaming commissions that can provide their license, but not all of them are well-known and trusted. When you speak about Malta Gaming Authority as well as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, it is difficult to say that they are anything but trustworthy. All the self-respecting casinos prefer and aim to get at least one of the two licenses. While MrGreen Casino in its turn holds three licenses. Apart from the mentioned above, the casino has also been granted a license by the Danish Gaming Authority. In case you do not know, it is the strictest of the three and the most difficult to gain license.

If you stack all the mentioned details in one pile, you will come to realize that the particular casino is clearly reliable and licensed. As for the other details – keep reading!

Layout and languages

As it has been already mentioned, it is not enough to own all possible licenses that prove your trustworthiness, as a casino you need to attract the players as well as keep them interested all the time. That is why runners came up with a special fictional character – Mister Green. His sole purpose is to travel the world and have fun.

The leading character, all dressed in green will follow the player almost everywhere, and that is something that many casinos leave out. Just like its hero, the casino is ‘dressed in green.’ However, it is not that type of green that is too bright to even look at. Instead, it is subtle and pleasant to the eye. If you are worried that the hues will be overwhelming – don’t, that is not the case.

As for the layout, there are two types of menu. There is across the top one, and there is also a drop-down menu. Truth be told each is complete and easy to navigate through. What is more, the drop-down menu contains all sorts of information both inexperienced as well as experienced player may need.

Very often, casinos are criticized due to the lack of languages to choose from, since even though English is a universal language, some customers prefer to read through the terms in their own tongue. There are a few variations of English to choose from so that UK citizens and players from Canada can use the language they prefer most. There are two types of German as well. It needs to be pointed out that such languages as Polish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Spanish are presented too.

All in all, it is safe to say that the casino was designed to cover all possible customers’ needs and that is clearly a huge advantage.


Game offers 

We may be stating the obvious, but any casino needs not only a vast number of games suggested but also requires good game providers to ensure the reputation. states it loud and clear that they are working only with the most reliable providers on the market. There is no wonder why, in fact, since starting with the foundation date the casino has undergone a lot, and at this point it is surely not worthy of risking the gained reputation. That is why among the famous game providers that the casino cooperates with you can spot NetEnt, in the first place, then NextGen, Microgaming, IGT, and other smaller but not less trusted game developers.

Judging by the number of game providers that the MrGreen Casino cooperates with, it is only natural to assume that the number of games to choose from is anything but limited. If you assume this – you are right. There are countless slot games on offer presented in the casino as well as there are also many classic games to choose from as well.

The fact is that no matter your tastes and preferences as well the gambling experience, you will surely find the game that appeals to you most in no time. The thing is that the casino suggests all the games sorted into logical categories, but also the casino is equipped with the search bar so that you can find a particular game of interest in a blink of an eye.

It is true that the main planform is given to popular slot games, they almost 1000. Nevertheless, be it roulette, bingo or poker that you like most – you can find a few variations of those on the site too.

Apart from that, recently the casino has introduced a new option – sports betting. This means that when regular casino games are not really your thing, you can easily bet upon the games or types of sports that you favorite.      

Live casino

It does not matter whether a small or huge, old or new casino we are discussing, each of them is supposed to have a presentable live casino section. Truth be told, while slots and table games are insanely popular, some players like it classy. This means that Live tables are not only necessary but are a must.

It goes without saying that MrGreen couldn’t have left this serious issue out and the casino has a vast list of live casino games to choose from. Needless to say that such a presentable casino suggests the users choose the games developed only by the most trusted sources such as Evolution gaming as well as reliable Swedish company – NetEnt.

Clearly, all the live casino lovers have various preferences, that is why you can spot such games in the live casino as Blackjack, roulette, poker, as well as baccarat. All the suggested games come in all possible variation so that it is easy to find the table game you love most.

All the dealers are real pros at what they do so that once you enter the game, you will feel like playing at a land-based casino without leaving your living room.

Mobile gambling    

It is hard to imagine modern life without the mobile phones that help you access almost anything you need as long as there is an Internet connection and your device is powerful enough to display the content. Many casinos that appear these days offer the user a suitable mobile version of the casino so that you can access it from any part of the globe.

That fact that MrGreen was launched ten years ago may seem like they are too old to be that up-to-date. However, that is not true. The casino wouldn’t have remained on the top if they didn’t know how to adapt to the ever-changing trends. Unlike many other competitors in the sphere, the casino not only allows you to play in the casino using your mobile phone or tablet browser, but also there are suitable apps to download suggested too. All you need to do is to go to the site and download the application that fits your type of device most, be it Android or iOS, Mr Green has it covered.

There are cases when the mobile version of the casino is available, but it is limited in number of games the customer can pick from. That is surely frustrating when you can access the casino, but you can’t find the game you need. Such a thing will not happen if you choose Casino MrGreen as your trusted mobile casino. The thing is that starting with the great variety of slots and table games that are fitted to both iOS and Android devices, you can also participate in the live casino.

In case you do not know – there is a limited number of casinos that allow it to play in the Live casino while using your mobile device. It makes Casino MrGreen already advantageous for those who like to play live while on the go.

Last but not least, if neither of casino suggestions is your cup of tea since you are more into sports betting – you can access the sportsbook from any mobile device too. All you need to do is to choose whether app or no app way you want to go. Of course, you shouldn’t forget that stable connection is also required.


There is rarely a casino that does not offer a welcome bonus to those who are new in the casino. You may have already guessed that CasinoMrGreen is not on the list.

They do offer a welcome bonus that some of you may consider being quite standard. However, wait until you learn all the details. The fact is that there is a separate welcome offer for casino, live casino and sports betting. It is a weird approach, but it surely works, because there would be no use for a sport better to get free spins as a welcome gift and vice versa.

Welcome Offer For Casino Players

Once you create your account with the casino, you need to pick which bonus you want to get. If it is a casino offer that you seek here is what you will get:

  • Your primary deposit will be doubled, until the minimum deposited amount does not exceed €100 and is not less than €20.
  • Right away you will have 100 free spins added to your account too.
  • Apart from 100 free spins, you will be granted 20 free spins daily within five days.
  • All in all, you can get as much as €200 and 200 free spins welcome offer on casino games. However, there are terms as for how to use your bonus correctly too.
  • Minimum primary deposit is €20, while the maximum should not exceed a hundred.
  • You can spend 100 free spins on games that belong to the Welcome bonus collection.
  • If you want to unlock the 20 free spins x 5 days, you need to stake your primary deposit first.
  • The bonus cash is supposed to be staked for 35 times.
  • 100 free spins are valid for a week only.
  • 20 free spins are valid for 48 hours only.

Welcome Offer For Live Casino Players

This is a kind of offer that you will not find anywhere else. The whole bonus offer is centered around the Live casino, if you are a classy player, you will surely appreciate the gesture.

The rules are almost the same as for the casino welcome offer. You need to deposit a sum within €20-€100 range and claim the offer. You will get a 100% bonus on top of your deposit to spend on Live casino games.

It goes without saying that there are also terms and conditions that apply to this bonus offer as well:

  • Your primary deposit should not be lower than €20, and it shouldn’t go further than €100, even if you deposit more than €100, the bonus will not exceed the stated maximum amount.
  • There are also staking requirements as for the bonus amount – 35x the bonus amount.
  • Slot games add to the staking requirement too.

Welcome Offer For Sport Betters

Last but not least, for those who are interested in Sports betting only, you can choose a corresponding welcome bonus while making your primary deposit. The rules are basically the same as with casino and live casino offers:

  • You should deposit the minimum of €20 to trigger the offer.
  • Bet the deposit in the Sportsbook so that the odds are at least 1.80.
  • After that, you will be granted 2 free bets, €10 each that you can waste on any sports game you prefer.
  • There will be additional 20 free spins added to your account for 5 days in a row.
  • Keep it in mind that the free bets will expire after a week so that it is best if you do not waste them.
  • Free spins converted into cash should be staked 35 times.

It should be stated that no matter the welcome bonus you choose, there is no need to provide any bonus code to claim it. All that you need is to register and make your primary stated deposit to claim the offer.

However, when it comes to certain promotions that the casino provides, a promo or bonus code may be required. In most cases, the casino itself sends the code for you to use it when necessary.

Casino Promotions

It would be unfair if all the bonus fun was granted to new customers only. There are many exciting promotions on offer from Casino MrGreen for regular players as well.

Truth be told that the promos are constantly changing so that to figure out what is the freshest promo on the list it is best to visit the casino itself.

Usually, promotion bonuses include free games, free spins, and other related bonuses, but there are also promos that include diamonds, holidays and car giveaways.

Reel Thrills

Casino promotions are not the only thing that a regular player can take himself or herself up with. The thing is that there are also exciting tournaments that the casino suggests the players take part in. Every competition lasts for 15 minutes, but if you gain the first place in the run you will be generously rewarded. There is a bunch of thrills to choose from. Besides, they are always changing.

To sum it up, it is safe to state that Casino Mr Green wouldn’t let you down when it comes to bonuses that both new and regular customers can benefit from.

 Deposits and withdrawals   

It is essential that the casino you choose fits your financial requirements. What does that mean? It means that there should be a considerable amount of payment options that every player can choose from. Not all customers may own the credit or debit card while for some customers – credit or debit card is the only supported payment option.

Taking that into consideration, Casino Mr Green makes sure that all possible payment methods are equally presented. You can choose between credit and debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and even pre-paid cards while either depositing or withdrawing your funds.

When it comes to depositing, the deposits are usually almost instant no matter the option you pick. The minimum deposit sum may vary depending upon the method of preferences. As for the withdrawal, that is when some difficulties may arise. To begin with – the minimum withdrawal sum is €30 when compared to other casinos the amount is a little higher than average.

What is more, the first time you are withdrawing your funds, the casino will check the identity of the customer, so that it may take a little longer to withdraw. However, that is only applied to the primary withdrawal. Once there is nothing wrong with your account, you won’t have to wait that long to receive the funds.

It should be emphasized, that usually it takes longer to withdraw if you are using your credit or debit card, with e-wallets the procedure is faster.

One more thing, you need to keep it in mind that the casino does not accept US dollars, but other currencies are accepted. 

 Customer support    

We have already mentioned it in our review, that the casino is highly informative so that it won’t take you long to find the information you need. What is more, the casino provides precise information on how to play a certain game if you are completely new to the world. Such an approach is definitely one of the best ones in the area. However, no one dismissed the support option.

Even if you are a beginning player, you can spot the green help bubble on every page of the casino. Once you click it, you can choose the way you want to get help. First of all, you are suggested to resolve your issue on your own by typing the key phrase and reading through the related information. In case that does not suit you, you can contact the team.

There are two ways to contact mrgreen support team, and you can either opt for the Live chat option, which is the fastest or you can leave a message and wait until the team emails you best. The Live support is available 27/7 so that no matter New Zealand or England you are situated in. You will get a response almost immediately. As for the email support, it is said that your issue will be tented to within 24 hours, but usually it takes around 2 hours for you to get the response.

From our experience, we can say that the team is highly trained and well-aware of how to solve any issue fast, not to mention the fact that politeness level is the highest.

Responsible Gaming

It is undoubtedly true that an online casino is a fun way to spend some time and to try to win big. However, there is always a serious danger of becoming addicted to playing lurking around. That is why, just like many other responsible casinos, mrgreen suggests the customers to not only set limits or take a break, a player can even self-exclude himself or herself for as long as five years, and that is surely something than not every casino has on offer.

Apart from that, there given casino enlists a number of useful tips that will help you deal with the forming addiction and will be useful to browse through even if there are no issues arising on the horizon.

The quiz that the casino presents deserves special attention. Let us explain why. The fact is that in the majority of cases, a casino offers a series of questions to answer with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to choose whether or not you are becoming an addict. The truth is that such a test is easy to cheat, while the quiz is so fun and exciting that you may answer the questions subconsciously and thus the end result will be the most adequate and precise.

In our opinion, such an approach to the problem of gambling addiction is the most complex and useful. Besides, the casino also provides a list of services to refer to if the addiction is already formed and you are unaware of how to effectively de4al with it.


As you already know by now, Mr Green Casino holds three of the most trusted gambling licenses there are. Aside from that the casino has already won numerous gaming rewards too. If you evaluate the odds, it is safe to say that the casino is safe to gamble with.

Nevertheless, the casino holders didn’t stop just there. To make sure that users’ personal data is safe and secure a 128-bit SSL encryption is applied to the site. If you think that these are enough safety precautions for one casino, Mr Green thinks otherwise. That is why the RNG is tested on a regular basis as well as it is TST certified.

Lastly, each and every game in the casino holds eCOGRA certification.   


Mr Green is a casino with years of experience in the industry. It offers a great range of games that will suit even the pickiest gamers in the world. Besides, the bonuses to choose from are more than generous, and we are not talking just welcome bonus, we are talking promotions too.

There may be a little downside when it comes to money withdrawal since the minimum limit is a little higher compared to other casinos.

The minute you login, you are offered certified assistance in the form of a qualified support team. No matter your problem you can have it quickly and effectively resolved.

Lastly, it should be added that the casino is genuinely concerned about the gambling problems that the players may develop, and they offer all possible methods to help the user effectively deal with them.All in all, it is safe to state that MrGreen is a reputable casino to give a try to in 2021.