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Mobilebet is the safest gaming platform where you can enjoy all range of benefits: free games, awesome slots, cool system of bonuses for both experienced and new members. Everything is waiting for you on this service and only one click separates you from enjoyable gaming. Maximum entertainment is guaranteed by this online casino. 

All the players can enjoy a huge variability of bonuses, frequent promotions and of course the best loyalty program for the site’s members. Immediately after the registration, you can try a Welcome bonus pack and then these promotions and bonuses are just appearing in your account with some frequency. This casino is also offering huge jackpots. Don’t believe? Then just check the site’s statistics according to the winnings.      

This resource was initially designed for creating the best possible atmosphere for the gamers and it has been doing so for many years. The casino has a reputation of a popular website with guarantees and safety for the users. That’s why, the number of gamers is growing almost every day. New and new users are signing up and exploring this cool gambling resource for them. All these new members claim that they are delighted with usability, simplicity and user-friendly interface.  

When speaking about the reliability and safety of the website, all of this is guaranteed by European Union. That means you are getting really high standards of security on this online platform. This service is regulated by Maltese laws and you will definitely enjoy a fair gaming activity. Of course, as all the reliable platforms, Mobilebet has a license and you can easily check it on the official website.  

A huge number of online games on Mobilebet

The selection of game on this resource is really immense. Without the convenient search options and categories, it will be hard to find a specific game, because there are so many of the on this platform. There are four major categories: Live Betting, Live Casino, Casino and Sports. And in every of the mentioned category there are a variety of subcategories and advanced search option for more convenience. Let’s take for instance only Casino option. There you will be offered Explore section, search, Jackpots, Hot, Recent, Favorite and New. As you see, you won’t feel bored with all these games. 

All the users may enjoy new cool game options such as: Dragon’s Gold, Age of Zeus, Battle Dwarf and others. As well as, more classical and standard games, which are: Roulette and Blackjack. So, the gamers of all tastes and preferences with be satisfied. It is for sure!  

By clicking a jackpot section, you will be shocked of the sums of money that you can win. Only one click and you can play the best games with the highest wins in the industry. Just choose Hall of Gods or Mega Fortune and try to win 9 figure sum, isn’t that awesome?

Latest games regularly release on this platform. So, if you are searching for something new and impressive Mobile bet is right for you. Let’s not forget about these cool card games. There is a huge collection of them on this website. 

Are you still not satisfied with the mentioned games? Do you want to experience more interaction during the game? So, the best possible variant for you is live dear gaming. All of these games have such a high quality and you can play whenever you need. These professional dealers are there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Are you a new player in mobile casino?

 If you have never used a mobile casino prior this moment, you are a really lucky guy. All these experienced members get used to the gaming process, have chosen their favorite slots, tried some no deposit bonuses and nothing can surprise them. However, you can experience a huge range of new emotions and pleasure of exploring something exciting and unpredictable.

Mobile bet Casino bothers about new gamers and they comfort. That’s why, there are available different demo-versions of top games which you can try for free prior starting playing for money. So, as a new member you can try almost everything for free and don’t spend anything.    

Moreover, this platform offers lots of information and helpful tips for the newcomers. These are

the recommendations from the top players about their gaming strategies and some great pieces of advice about Craps, Blackjack, Bingo, Baccarat and lots of more. It doesn’t matter what game you want to explore there will be something useful for every option and you can find out about the game features prior playing.

So, if you are a new user, don’t wait any more. This huge world of online gambling, free spins and promo codes is waiting for you.

Mobile gaming at the fingertip

As understandable from the name of this casino, it is all about mobile gambling. This is such a rapidly developing niche, because nowadays more and more people choose a smartphone and use their laptop or computer only several times a week. All the social networking platforms are now in the list of your mobile apps. You can check everything answer all the emails just by one press of the button. So, why should you switch on your computer and become dependent from it. With the PC version of casino, you should sit in your apartment and you have no other variants. However, Mobile bet opens new perspective for you. Now, you can play whenever you want and as long as you need. You can take your smartphone and gamble on the go or during a coffee break. What can be more enjoyable and relaxing, then a five-minute relaxation after a taught working day. 

This service has created a cool atmosphere for mobile users, where they have no troubles with animation, graphics and sound effects during the game. Smooth gaming process is something that everybody is searching for and this platform can offer you such a thing.  

Play your favorite games whenever you want. Try a cool loyalty program, free spins and all of these are at your fingerprint. 

Why should you choose

To begin with, Mobilebet Casino is a platform that fully orients on the clients’ interests and needs. They add new features, monitor the satisfaction of the gamers and launch new games only for the users’ comfort.

This service is so popular, because it cooperates with the top gaming providers in the industry, such as: NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Yggdrasil, NYX and others. This proves the quality of available games.  

Moreover, this service has strong security system and its functioning is strictly regulated by Maltese law. So, except of all the bonuses and games, you also get a safe platform. This fact is really important nowadays with all these scammers and frauds.    

Of course, a support team in this field is also important. You can contact professionals and receive a helpful recommendation at any time. They are accessible via a life chat, phone and email. If you don’t want to chat with the experts, you can try to find all the needed information in the FAQ section.

Registration process

In order to start registration process you should press a green button “open account”. Then you should fill in: your name, password and email address. The second step for signing up, is adding a little bit more information about yourself. Here you should specify your real name, surname, street name, city, post code, mobile number, gender, date of birth and choose currency. Also, you should mention that you are over 18. The best thing in the process is that you can choose not to receive any electronic materials during the registration. Because, usually online casinos send you lots of emails, advertisement and to switch off these notifications, you should spend some time or contact a support service.    

The fact that so much personal information should be mention during the signing up, can be bothering for most of the user. Nevertheless, if you reviewed the paragraph about the license and law regulations, you are already aware how safe this platform is.  

Right after the registration, you will receive a verification on your email address. Please click this link, otherwise you won’t have an access to

There is one more stage of verification, where you enter your phone number and should fill in your PIN that you’ve received.

As you see, there are no difficult steps during the registration on Mobile bet. And these verifications and personal information is needed for the company. In such a way, site’s professionals can be sure that you are a real person and you are over 18 years old. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to play. This thing is strictly regulated by the law.

Responsible gaming on Mobilebet Casino

Gaming process can be so exciting and involving that sometimes a player can lose a track of time or spend too much money on usual games. Site’s experts bother about their clients and insist on the fact that online casino was created just for fun. You shouldn’t think about this resource as of the earning method. It doesn’t work this way. Of course, there are some people that win, these wins are regular. However, the general concept of the site was oriented into the exciting gaming process.

So, for your personal protection, you may use available casino’s tools and control everything. If you need some help in terms of this question or additional recommendations, you can easily contact a support team. They will quickly and professional solve any problem or give the needed recommendation.

Here are some general tips for responsible gaming:

–        Take some breaks during the involving gaming

–        Set your own limitation for the spending on the website

–        Play only in a clear state of mind

–        Gamble for fun, but not for gaining any profit 

–        Don’t play with negative emotions, because it may worsen your mental state    

Now, let’s discuss some of the available tools on Mobile bet Casino. First of all, you should control the time you are spending on the website. Just follow the history of your transactions, if you are in a risky zone you will notice it in your profile. In such a case, you should pay attention to your gaming. Maybe you can ask somebody to control this thing for you or you can stop playing for a short period of time.

The most helpful tool in such a situation is account limitations. Everyone can set a budget limit prior playing. In this way, you may regulate the sum, which you can spend in a day, week or month’s period. For setting these limitations, press Responsible Gaming under your profile and choose the needed sum of money. If you want to decrease limitation, this process will take you a couple of seconds. However, for increasing the sum you should wait 72 hours.

When a player needs to stop gaming for some time, he/she can contact a support team and choose a needed time frame. For instance, there are such options as: 24 hours, a week, a month, 6 months or your own variant.

Furthermore, you can set a reminder. In such a way, you will see pop-up notifications during the session. But this feature won’t stop your game, you will still have whole control of the process.

How to find out that I have a gambling problem?

Finding out about this problem and solving it isn’t an easy thing. Sometimes even determining this trouble may be difficult. Nevertheless, here are several warning signs that you may suffer from this hidden disease:

–        Your gaming influence your private life and your job

–        You spend more time playing than initially planed

–        You tried to stop played several times, but all in vain

–        You desperately want to win a huge sum of money

–        You hide that fact that you are playing from your relatives and close friends

If you notice any of the above signs, you should better start doing something with your gambling trouble. First of all, you can set time and budget limitation in your account. There are some tools, which may help you. Also, you can ask for your friends’ assistance in this difficult life situation. In case nothing really helps, you’d better consult with the specialist in the field of psychology.

Welcome bonus for the new members

Immediately after the signing up, every member will be offered 200 percent deposit bonus. This means that if your deposit is $20 you will have a possibility to bet with $60. So, with the first deposit you are unlocking your account and opening this huge world of online gaming for you.

As for wagering in this mobile casino, you should bet 40x to fulfill the needed requirements of the welcome offer.

Remember that wagering requirements can differ depending on the game you choose. One game can have really low requirements while other really high. There is a long list of the wagering and you can check this information in the account by pressing “view details”.      

As you see, every member of this casino receives some sort of promotion immediately after the registration. And the more you play the more bonuses and promotions you receive.

Additional information about site’s bonus system

Bonus system of this online casino functions in the following way – every client should claim a bonus. This process is extremely simple and will take you only a couple of seconds. Just enter a deposit webpage and you can claim a bonus. If you want to know all the little details about the bonuses, you can check this information in “available bonuses”.

How a gamer can check the bonus’s progress? Such data can be found in “my bonuses” section. There you will see an indicator that shows the wagering percentage, which you have completed.

Except of usual bonuses, you can also get and spend your points. Here are several variants, how you can earn your free points, they are the following:

–        Daily login. If a user logs in once a day, he/she will receive 25 free points.

–        Verification of your email address. 100 points will be sent to your account only once after the verification.

–        Verification of the mobile number. 500 points will be on your account only once if you’ve mentioned your phone number on this casino platform.

–        Initial withdrawal. You will be awarded with 1,000 points after your first withdrawal.

–        Deposit. During every deposit, you will receive bonuses.

–        The approvement of your documents. Every approved doc will give you 1,000 points, for instance, you may send and approve your ID.

–        Real money gaming. Every users receives points when he/she bets in casino or sportsbook.     

Everything about withdrawal on this online casino

Let’s start from the available methods, there are lots of them. Every member can use credit cards, online wallets, bank transfers or prepaid card. When you are choosing a credit card withdrawal, you can do it with Visa, MasterCard, Maestro or ApplePay. All the methods are instant and you don’t need to wait any minute. As for the online wallets, there are available such options as: Neteller, Skrill or Skrill 1-Tap.  

While all the above mentioned methods are considered to be instant, still site needs some time to process the requests. The site’s team works hard and it processes all the withdrawals during the 24-hour period. However, it is usually much quicker. 

You can monitor the statues of your withdrawal in your account. If it isn’t finished you will see “in progress”. It means that you can stop the process in case it hasn’t been finished.   

Remember that your documents should be verified prior the withdrawal process. To review the whole list of requirements you should enter the official website and find FAQ section.

As this is a mobile casino, you can do it on mobile as well on PC version of the website.

The most secure website in 2021

As you’ve probably know, every website collects some sort of information about every member and sometimes even about a visitor. During the registration process, you leave lots of your personal information on this gambling resource and it is a usual thing. You don’t need to worry about this fact. All the information is used only for some statistical figures and not more. And even if a user deletes his/her account from the website, during some period of time this information will be still in the statistical reports. They are used for internal needs of the website and will never be shared with any third parties. It is guaranteed by the site’s policy.

The security of this information is really important. That’s why, site follows standard rules to protect your data. All the gathered information is encrypted with SSL technology.

Every site’s user has some rights and here is the major one: in case you want to know what personal info is gathered about you, you can find out about it via a support service. If you want to find out other rights, you can get this information on


To cut a long story short, is a unit platform is the category of online gambling. Rarely online casinos orient predominantly into smartphone users, but this resource bothers about its clients. There is created a secure place with the best game selection and furthermore you can play whenever you want. While you are eating, somewhere or you are returning home after tiring working hours you can play your favorite games. You don’t need to be at home near your PC, only a smartphone and you are in the world of gambling.

The registration is extremely simple only a couple of minutes and you can play. Oh, and this cool bonus system with loyalty points and huge number of free spins for any user. Even a new member can enjoy a cool bonus system on Mobilebet.    

Huge wins and security is one more benefit of this resource. You can be safe and know that every withdrawal will be peacefully completed within the shortest period of time.

If you have never tried mobile casinos, today is the best day for starting this journey. You will be impressed of this industry and of the game quality right away.

So, don’t wait any longer and sign up on Mobilebet, you definitely need this enjoyable experience of gaming.